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Film and Video Poems

Transformations          S8, color, 20 minutes.


An analysis of the historical process through the building up of sand castles and the inevitable encroaching tides. Emergence and decay. Shot using time lapse, slow motion and real time. By Pamela Rasso and David Gregg.


     "When I first started watching Transformations I thought oh no, another how I spent my

     summer vacation film. But upon further viewing I realized Transformations was about the

     rise and fall of civilizations, the metaphor extending to the transformative process of any

     kind."   Roy Misonznick



Evocations          16mm, color, 12 minutes.


A palindrome film shot on the rooftop of my building of the shadows of dancers enlarged to abstraction. Film reverses itself in footage and color reversal film.  David Gregg & Pamela Rasso


     "Evocations is a stunning visual and poetic beauty, a trancelike beckoning to the

     imagination."   Howard Guttenplan, Millennium



A Nuclear Litany          S8, color, 15 minutes.


Time lapse shots of the sun rising and setting over Three Mile Island, animated wax baby dolls melting down, images of destruction, mushroom clouds, fallout shelters, death. Rapid camera work zooming in and out. Much of the film is shot through a red filter. David Gregg and Pamela Rasso. Award winner: The Ann Arbor S8 Film Festival.



Danae          16mm, color, 6 minutes.


The filming of a candle flame enlarged and abstracted into a golden shower of dance and flicker. Pamela Rasso.



Spinning Barbie          S8, color, 3 minutes.


Nude Barbie doll suspended from a rope on the ceiling. Rope is blacked out, Barbie appears as if spinning in deep, dark, dream space. Pamela Rasso & David Gregg.



Anticipating Under Grey Skies          S8, black & white, 7 minutes.


Expectations, intuitions, contemplations. Use of shutters to let light in and out. Color palette of black to grey to white. Pamela Rasso



Drawn From the Well          3/4 inch video, black & white, 40 minutes.


The sources of creativity using word associations on a scale from the ordinary to the remote. Performed by 2 dancers. Shot with 2 cameras & superimpositions. Pamela Rasso and David Gregg. Funding and facilities by Electronic Arts Intermix/MERC.



Poems          Audio/sound tape. International Women's Audio Festival, Berlin, Germany.












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